To assist young professionals in reaching higher potential through community development, networking events, training opportunities, and recognizing achievements for the purpose of attraction and retention in the community.


To be recognized as the principal representing body of young professionals in Sault Ste. Marie. Through our membership and community involvement, we can work together to make an impact in our community and provide a voice for young professionals. These benefits will provide an incentive for young professionals stay and grow within the city of Sault Ste. Marie.

About Strive

Strive was developed in 2012 by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce to fill a representation gap for individuals between the age of 19 to 40. This subcommittee of the Sault’s Chamber of Commerce has an elected executive which is rotated annually based on its active membership’s votes. The elected executive of Strive works with other groups, individuals, and businesses inside of the community to provide networking events, learning development opportunities, and community involvement initiatives.

Strive YPG Terms of Reference


History of Strive Events

April 2017 – Strive @ 5 at The Canadian

March 2017 – Local Leader Series featuring Jasmyn Rowley, Brad Gregorini, & Greg Lefave @ Superior Nissan

March 2017 – Strive @ 5 at Arturo’s

February 2017 – Startup Sault & Strive @ Water Tower Pub

January 2017 – Strive Social @ Union Jack Brewing

November 2016 – Annual General Meeting at North 82

November 2016 – Bow Tie Bash Annual Strive Gala at The Tech

October 2016 – Local Leader Series with Dr. Kent Floreani at The Tech

September 2016 – Strive @ 5 at The Barrelhouse

August 2016 – Tee Off with Strive YPG at SSM Golf Club

June 2016 – Network @ Northern

May 2016 – Your Personal Brand workshop

April 2016 – Festival of Beer

April 2016 – Curling Funspiel

March 2016 – Local Leader Series with Tom Vair

January 2016 – Strive Social at Outspoken

December 2015 – Annual General Meeting

November 2015 – Financial Literacy & Dinner

October 2015 – Strive’s Fall Ball

July 2015 – Local Leaders Series featuring Mayor Christian Provenzano

May 2015 – Strive’s Downtown Business Hop

March 2015 – Local Leaders Series featuring Justus Weldman

January 2015 – Loplop’s Social

November 2014 – Annual General Meeting

November 2014 – Why oh Why am I a Gen Y

October 2014 – Meet the Candidates

September 2014 – Strive’s Gatsby Gala

May 2014 – Strive Crashes the Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM

April 2014 – Festival of Beer

January 2014 – Dock’s Social

November 2013 – Annual General Meeting

November 2013 – Political Forum

June 2013 – Local Leaders Series featuring Dennis Turcotte

March 2013 – Local Leaders Series featuring Susan Hunter

February 2013 – Strive Thunderbirds Event

December 2012 – Strive Kickoff Event at Casey’s Pub

Aug 2012 – Strive YPG Group formed