February Strive Spotlight – Jasmyn Rowley

Strive Spotlight

Jasmyn Rowley

Photo credit: Donna Hopper

Photo credit: Donna Hopper

Jasmyn may be best known as the Lead Video Journalist with Sootoday, but she’s hoping that people start to recognize her as the founder of Superior Getaways as well.

Jasmyn Rowley has spent the last 12 years in the media industry, transitioning from radio, to working behind-the-scenes with Hollywood stars like Gabrielle Miller and Cory Monteith. She has since returned to the Sault where she is the Lead Video Journalist with Sootoday. Jasmyn is now beginning a new adventure as Owner of the cottage rental agency, Superior Getaways.

What is Superior Getaways?

Superior Getaways is a boutique cottage rental agency serving the Algoma District. The company offers a full-service approach to private cottage rentals, which spans everything from marketing the property to a light cleaning after the rental.

Local cottage owners interested in renting out their property contact Superior Getaways to have their cottage listed on the site. From there, Jasmyn visits the cottage property, takes photos for the site, and begins marketing the cottage. Once an interested party approaches Superior Getaways, applicants are screened, and shared with the cottage owner. Superior Getaways then takes care of all administrative work, deposits, and payments, making renting a cottage a quick and easy process.

Where did the idea come from?

If you aren’t already connected to someone who has a cottage for rent, finding one isn’t always the easiest thing to do. “I found friends and family were having a hard time finding cottages to rent in the area. If you didn’t know someone who had a camp available to rent, there wasn’t an easy way to access properties in the region. Superior Getaways aims to fix that.”

Alternative online sources aren’t the most user-friendly for searching the region, and can lead to a lot of wasted time. Jasmyn envisioned a hub where all listings could be found in a single location with an easy user interface. “I wanted it to be an easy-to-navigate hub of property listings for the Algoma district, where everyone wanting to rent out their cottage, or, conversely looking to rent a cottage, could visit and find everything they need in one centralized location.”

Advice for those looking at starting their own business?

“Don’t underestimate the value of your ideas. It’s so important to go for it and put yourself out there. In all likelihood, it will probably work out and be very well received”.

Why Strive?

After following Strive since the group’s inception, Jasmyn has recently joined the group in hopes to further network with supportive and successful young business people, and hopefully create lasting partnerships with other local businesses.

Superior Getaways officially launched three weeks ago. Since then, the service has surpassed all expectations that Jasmyn had for the business this early on. The site has had an influx of users, and Jasmyn has been receiving multiple calls a day from people looking to rent the cottages on the site. She is now looking to expand the number of properties she has on the site to help meet the demands being faced.

For more information on Superior Getaways you can visit their website or Facebook page.