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Andrew Ault

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Limestone Partners Canada and Lakehead University

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MBA Student, Lakehead U. | Partner, Limestone Partners | Teaching Assistant, Lakehead U.


705 255 1703

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About you

Presently, I am an MBA student at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, where I also serve as a teaching assistant on campus; and am a patner in Limestone Partners Canada where I lead design and development of e-commerce websites.

Limestone Partners is innovative, as it charges its fees exclusively as a percentage of sales. This entails greater results-orientation of the marketer, and less barriers to e-commerce development for businesses given no up-front fees.

Before completing an MBA, I completed an HBA in Public Policy at Carleton University, and completed an exchange in England to study international law. Coming back to the North every summer has allowed me to hold a vast range of summer positions in Sault Ste. Marie and Northern Ontario. My passion for this region of Canada has shown through work with the Government of Ontario, a car dealership, innovation centre, Sault College, and the Northern Policy Institute.

I strive to work in innovative, out-of-the-box work environments committed to northern Ontario. Taking the value I learned of being involved in numerous student soceities on campus, I hope to play an even greater role in serving on community organizations in the coming years. As an analytical entrepreneur, I hope to continue growing my business and learning from those I interact with. After my MBA, I hope to complete MSc and PhD degrees in finance to explore my interest in empirical corporate governance; and ultimately become a Professor. With a passion for networking, I look forward to meeting you soon at other Strive events!