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Brandon Gassi

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Masi Entertainment/GoodLife Fitness/SooPeeWeeHockeyLeague

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Owner/General & Property Manager/President


(705) 987-1430

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About you

My name is Brandon Gassi, and as a “young professional” in Sault Ste. Marie, I wear many hats.

I have a few “alter-egos” here in town, kind of like the fictional character, Bruce Wayne…or…Batman. 🙂

During the day, I am Brandon Gassi, General & Property Manager of GoodLife Fitness. I spend my day, working hands on with my clients on their fitness goals, training staff on proper procedures, all while keeping the gym, and property safe and clean for all those who use it, as well as our 3 tenants at the front of the building. I am constantly driving sales, completing work orders, handling budgets, and working on payroll. I am a jack of all trades in this position, that surrounds one of the many things I am passionate about: Fitness.

All hours of the day, I am a hockey enthusiast, which means I put another passion of mine in action, while volunteering as the President at the Soo Pee Wee Hockey League. There, I am working with a board room of volunteer directors, to ensure we are creating a great place for kids in Sault Ste. Marie to learn how to play hockey, but also grow as people. Some of my time is spent handling budgets, scheduling, hire coaching staff, and work with the Soo Pee Wee Arena and City of SSM, to ensure we have proper booking of ice and events.

At night is where my alter ego takes in effect, where I become something different: An entertainer. Starting Masi Entertainment in 2012, I have been slowly building my mobile DJ business. This business has been a thing of beauty to watch grow from within. I have gone from taking the odd “gig” at random, to being booked every weekend, bringing quality music and entertainment to weddings, stag and does, Christmas parties, and Anniversaries. I started with a small amount of equipment, running off of itunes, to building my set with top quality equipment, DJ software, and dance lighting. I have staff working for me, a fleet of vehicles, trailers and other equipment. To what started out as a side project, has now turned into another full time job.

I mentioned the different hats I wear here in SSM. I am a Manager, Owner, President, Volunteer, Entertainer, and Businessman. Being these things is great. At the end of the day, I choose to do all of these things, and I do them in SSM, because of the other hats I wear, that I haven’t mentioned yet. I am a husband to the love of my life, and a father to a wonderful daughter. I work hard in SSM as a professional, because I want to be a part of this community, and raise my family in a community like SSM.

If i can change a life at GoodLife, if i can help a family at the Pee Wee, or if I can make people happy with Masi Entertainment, then I am contributing to the positivity this city needs, to continue to grow for the next generation.