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Nelson Grant

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Freedom 55 Financial

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Financial Planner


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About 5 years ago, I returned to my birthplace of Sault Ste Marie. Having lived all over rural Northern Ontario, this is considered a big city. Strangely, it wasn’t until moving to the city actual that I discovered the joys of owning a flock of backyard chickens.

Though my background is in operations management with a diploma in aviation, I have followed finance as a hobby since I was very young. When the opportunity came to work in the financial field, I couldn’t turn it down. As a financial planner with London Life, my business mission is to provide informed and pragmatic counsel to aid people in making the most suitable decisions possible regarding their financial futures.

In our busy lives we all need to wind down and socialise some, because let’s face it – if it wasn’t scheduled we’d never get around to it. Strive events provide an opportunity to do that, and you can still feel like you’re working. My specialty in my practise has always been information hoarding, and Strive has no shortage of professionals who are willing to share. It is also a great place to exchange and test out ideas with similar minded individuals… or just share a drink… it depends on the day.