The Algoma Visionary Awards

The Ava Gala


The Algoma Visionary Awards (AVA) Gala is StriveYPG’s opportunity to recognize the incredible talent and achievements of our local young professionals across Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma region. The AVA Gala is the opportunity to recognize individuals for their incredible efforts to achieve greatness in leadership, community engagement, professional achievement, volunteerism, and mentoring in our community.


StriveYPG visualizes the AVA Gala and awards will help diversify who is considered a young professional in our diverse community. More importantly, it is a time to recognize those who are making change and proving they really are the leaders of tomorrow.


The AVA Gala


"I had the opportunity to attend the AVA Gala as the mayor’s representative. I was impressed with the organization, execution of the event and the incredible amount of talent that was recognized. Based on my knowledge and experience with this organization, I am confident that Sault Ste. Marie will have a bright future."

— Paul Christian
Councillor City of Sault Ste. Marrie.

"Being the StriveYPG Diamond Sponsor allowed KiSS 100.5 & Country 104.3 to be a part of an important event that helps to shine the light on upcoming major contributors in our community. For one night we were able to put Rogers Radio front and centre which allowed us to align our station with our target market and increase our reach with new businesses and clients in Sault Ste. Marie."

— Wayne Watkins
Rogers Media.

"The StriveYPG Gala has been a pleasure to attend. It gave me a chance to celebrate young professionals in many different sectors who are doing great things. I was fortunate to be awarded Community Champion and at the time it gave me a confidence boost to continue working hard and fighting for what I believe in, despite the challenges of being a young entrepreneur. Following my speech, many other professionals that I respected, came and introduced themselves to me. That was a networking moment I will remember forever."

—Katrina Francella 
AVA Winner
Sault Ste. Marie.