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A sponsorship with Strive YPG means visibility of your brand to both StriveYPG members and non-members through our social media pages, website, email blasts, and at StriveYPG hosted events. StriveAT5’s are hosted on a monthly basis at local businesses. Annual events include the Algoma Visionary Awards (AVA) Gala, the YP Showcase, and the Local Leader Series. In addition, sponsors and their employees gain access to discounts on products and services that StriveYPG’s network of local businesses have generously offered. These discounts are exclusive to StriveYPG members. StriveYPG is also actively involved with local charities.


WHAT is StriveYPG all about?  

StriveYPG is a group of young professionals, both men and women, from Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding communities. These individuals are the future leaders of our community and StriveYPG’s goal is to foster these relationships through networking events, training opportunities and achievement recognition to maximize the potential of young professionals in Sault Ste. Marie. StriveYPG focuses on the growth and execution of events that allow members to participate in open conversations and develop valuable, supportive networks. Some of these key events include monthly StriveAT5’s, the Algoma Visionary Awards (AVA) Gala, the YP Showcase, and the Local Leader Series.

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