Luke Stilin

Luke Stilin started his career at the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation in February of 2008 as a Correspondence Representative where he gained a deep understanding of OLG’s customer and product portfolio. In 2010, Luke moved into a Business Analyst role where he was instrumental in designing, testing, and delivering new lottery products to market. Luke was chosen as the lead Business Analyst for the launch a transformative lottery innovation known today as Poker Lotto. Luke lead the development of Business Requirements, User Acceptance Testing, and orchestrated OLG’s first regulated test cycle with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Since game launch, Poker Lotto has delivered over $980 million in revenue to the Province of Ontario and has won a North American (NASPL) award for 2010’s Best New Lotto Game. In 2013, Luke advanced into a new role as Manager of Lottery Game Development where he was instrumental in the launch of 4 new lottery products including Poker Lotto’s “All In”. An industry first progressive add-on lottery, “All In” won the 2014 NASPL “Best New Lotto Game” in North American. Luke and his colleagues were also the recipients of OLG’s Opal Award in recognition of this disruptive lottery innovation.

In 2015, Luke progressed into his current role as Senior Manager of Product Development where he currently is responsible for OLG’s Product Strategy along with the Discovery and Design of new lottery innovations. In this role, Luke redesigned and launched a new Lottario draw game which features faster growing jackpots, more prizes, and better overall odds. Since the relaunch, winners per draw are up 300% and sales are up $40 million annually.

Over the past year, Luke has focused his efforts on the design and delivery of a new lottery product named “The Big Spin”. This product, a world industry first, combines scratch tickets with in-store digital experiences along with a live lottery event for top prize winners. Since launching this September, The Big Spin has delivered revenue of $65 million, tracking ahead of budget by $43 million. Luke has also been instrumental in the creation of a National Innovation Network for the Lottery industry which facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between key resources across the country.

Through his various roles since 2010, Luke has been involved in the delivery of $1.6 billion in new revenue for the Province of Ontario by launching innovative products at OLG. Luke is extremely passionate about the field of innovation and always strives to connect the dots between customer insights, available technology, and market trends – all in the pursuit of the next big thing. Outside of his role, Luke volunteered as the one of the two leads for OLG’s 2017 Federated Health campaign for the Sault Ste. Marie office. Along with his co-lead and team of volunteers, Luke helped generate $32,000 of funding for 16 amazing charities supported by Federated Health.